A Look Back at The Fayre Spot’s History

On 10th February 2018, the newly refurbished Fayre Spot Pub & Restaurant was opened for the first time after its £250,000 transformation – but do you know the rest of the pub’s history?

The Fayre Spot and Goodly was first opened 25 years prior, on 12th August 1993, and was the second public house in The Cresset building – replacing The Beacon, which was located in the space now occupied by Eastern Ink, OMG Accessories and R&R Tanning. The Fayre Spot and Goodly was officially opened by Loyd Grossman, best known for his role as presenter of MasterChef and Through The Keyhole.

It might have been a rainy day, but plenty of people still managed to make it down to the opening, some of whom are still regular customers today!

Where did the name come from?

Transcript of the above image:

“A fayre spot and a goodly”

We have the 12th Century Benedictine monk, Hugh Candidus to thank for this description of Peterborough, the first written reference to the city, included in his Peterborough Chronicle which recorded the history of the Abbey and surrounding areas, between the years of 655 and 1177.

Hugh spent most of his life at the Abbey having entered it as a young boy and surviving a serious illness, apparently by a miracle, he lived to a good age, rising to the office of Sub Prior. He was widely respected and loved throughout the neighbourhood.

Describing Peterborough further, Hugh added “because on the one side it is rich in fenland, and in goodly waters, and on the other it has abundance of ploughlands and woodlands with many fertile meads and pastures. On all sides it is beautiful to look upon…” He thus gives us a vivid and evocative description of our city as it appeared 900 years ago.

Check out some of the photos from our archive:


The Fayre Spot is currently closed due to the pandemic, but it will reopen in 2021, and we look forward to welcoming you!







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